Penny Memorial Fund

In Memory of Penny, a Dog Who Saved Lives

Donations made in Penny's name will be used to continue the live-saving work done by Crisis Center North and its PAWS For Empowerment Program.

Penny, the first domestic violence canine advocate in Allegheny County and the first shelter dog in the State to provide courtroom support to victims, died peacefully on Monday, June 26, at the elderly age of 16. Penny served as a trendsetter in the state, opening the doors for other canine advocates in courtrooms, and was recognized nationally for her work. In her career, she provided emotional support to countless victims with her calm demeanor, strong presence, and intuitive understanding of how to help those in need.

Penny was the lead canine advocate for the PAWS For Empowerment Program at Crisis Center North, a domestic violence and counseling resource center serving victims in Allegheny County. It is because of Penny that the Center’s award-winning PAWS program exists today to provide animal assisted therapy, courtroom accompaniment, pet friendly transitional housing and shelter for victims and their companion animals, community training on the links between human and animal abuse, and tangible support for victims and pets in need.

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